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Your business, employees, and their families all deserve to thrive. Find your win-win in Las Vegas. Here, you can enjoy the freedom to live, work, grow, engage, and play. Download the business relocation guide to discover more.


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Greater Las Vegas continues to top national rankings for quality of life, job creation, and population growth. It's a great place to live, work, grow, engage and play. Here, you can do anything.


Unless you're one of the few who love traffic...


Commute less and maximize your time for things that matter. While Las Vegas is the second-fastest growing metropolitan area, it is ranked among the top 20 metro areas with the best traffic conditions in the nation. 93% of Las Vegas area jobs can be reached within 30 minutes for the average employee.

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Here's what businesses that recently relocated or expanded have to say about LVGEA and the region.


The Las Vegas Valley offers a quality operating environment for a diverse range of industries. Below are just a few of the latest companies to relocate or expand in Southern Nevada. 

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Motional has had a presence in Las Vegas for over four years, during which we’ve helped establish the region as a hub for future mobility innovation,” said Abe Ghabra, Vice President of Global Operations, Motional. “Las Vegas is home to our public robotaxi service, a fleet that has safely introduced hundreds of thousands of consumers to driverless technology, and is also critical to our testing and research operations. We’re excited to continue to invest in our Las Vegas operations through the expansion of our closed course testing facility and extensive hiring. We thank the LVGEA for their support and continued dedication to the region’s thriving technology community.

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Abe Ghabra
Vice President of Global Operations, Motional
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Fresh N Lean is delighted for the opportunity to expand our Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and manufacturing operations to North Las Vegas...We are also privileged to be able to offer employment to hundreds of individuals who are willing to work but cannot find opportunities, especially due to COVID-19. Fresh N Lean is also thankful for the LVGEA’s assistance in providing their time and resources to our mission. They have been a pleasure to work with in terms of navigating through the application for incentives and benefits available to employers like Fresh N Lean who relocate their businesses to Las Vegas. We could not be more thrilled about the road ahead.

freshNlean logo
Laureen Asseo
Founder & CEO, Fresh N Lean
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We are excited to relocate to Clark County. Southern Nevada’s pro-business policies, skilled workforce, and favorable tax structure were key factors in our company’s decision to move our operations. The team at LVGEA has given us access to the many resources we need to thrive in the region.
holda llc
Julian Garcia
General Manager, Holda
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The decision to make Las Vegas our corporate headquarters and to build our one-hundred and seventy-five thousand square foot factory involved numerous variables. We are thankful for the LVGEA’s help in providing their time and resources; they have been great to work with in helping us navigate through all paperwork and incentives that are available to our company.

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Paolo Tiramani
CEO, Boxabl Inc.
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After careful evaluation of the film, TV and advertising industry magnet cities of New York City and Los Angeles, the attractive and established film and TV incentives offered by Atlanta, and the emerging production cities of Phoenix, Park City, and Chicago, we believe that Las Vegas offers an exciting, established ecosystem for us to grow. 

Vū Vegas is committed to the continued growth and diversification of the Las Vegas Market. The area has access to a rich workforce of creative and technical employees. Nevada's commitment to training programs will provide us with excellent recruitment opportunities. 

Jason Soto
Director, Strategic Projects at Vū Network

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Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, but lately, it is known for some other things: quality of life, job creation and population growth. Moving to Las Vegas isn’t just a possibility: it’s a great place to live, work, and grow (not just play!). The Las Vegas Valley has everything you need and most of what you want too: no income tax, low cost of living, affordable homes, a diverse workforce and jaw-dropping vistas. More and more companies are calling this vacation destination home all year long.

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